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I first met Wes during a work out at the YMCA, where we are both members. After learning that he was a plumber, I asked him for a card. ( I own a number of rental properties and was not happy with the plumbing company I was using. ) What a pleasure it has been to do business with this guy. I am pleased to say that Wes has done ALL of my plumbing projects since April 2010. Wes has worked on all of my rental properties including my own home. What can I say! He makes my plumbing issue go away and his prices are reasonable. He is also excellent at explaining the nature and scope of the repair, giving you options for each project, and informing you as to code requirements and the like. He's also punctual and cleans everything up tip top. I have recommended Wes to friends and client without hesitation. You want a competent and user-friendly plumber who has integrity? Call Wes


2004 I had a slow in-wall leak in my Littleton town home which resulted in severe mold. Wes was referred to me by a friend at work. He promptly located and fixed the leak, removed all the damaged moldy drywall and textured to match existing walls. He saved me hundreds of dollars by taking care of all the work instead of paying thousands to other contractors. Wes has since completely remodeled all the bathrooms and cleared all drains in my current house . He's consistent and takes no short cuts. We highly recommend that you call and schedule his services. Let us know how he did for you.


I had some plumbing issues at my son's house and needed a reasonable reliable plumber. A good friend and member at our Littleton Saint Mary's Parish gave me the number of a local experienced plumber who works with his son and has low overhead. The bigger local companies I used in the past always have these hidden fees and trip charges. Wes explained in detail what needed to be done and completed the huge task at hand in a timely manner. We had mold issues resulting from water damage, toilet was leaking, basement floor drain was defective. Wesley Chlopek and his son Kevin took care of all my plumbing issues. James thinks of Wes as not only a skilled plumber but a fix it all handyman. He is our family plumber


We were in the middle of a basement remodel and needed a plumber, Wesley Chlopek was referred to us by a neighbor. The price was very reasonable so we approved his services. Over the years, we have scheduled his services on 3 other occasions including gas piping. Recently Wes replaced our powder room toilet with a one piece Toto toilet. He is trustworthy and highly recommended to all our family, neighbors and friends.


All 3 of Wesley's kids attended Heritage high school. Being employed there is how I found out about Adams Plumbing Services. Wes has been my plumber of choice for years, taking care of my kitchen sink mold issue, a few drain cleaning calls, and just great sound advice on maintaining my entire plumbing system. Wes services many of our Heritage faculty staff members, the nearby middle and elementary schools. He's trustworthy, reasonably priced and highly recommended.


Wes Chlopek proved to be a hard-working perfectionist in the remodeling of three bathrooms in our 44 year old house completed on 3/22/11. We wanted to upgrade and con-temporize the nature of these service areas and found Wes to be the right man for the project. He has good ideas, knew where to send us for selecting materials and was fully committed to the task at hand. For a large project of this kind, Wes was assisted by hid son Kevin and made the time-line work for us. He co-ordinated his work very well with the other trades on our project. We recently had Wes completely re-pipe and replace our kitchen disposal. He is our plumber of choice


We were in the process of completely remodeling an old house that my son purchased in Golden. We contacted local Denver plumbers and had estimates from few large companies. Our roofer gave us the name of Adams Plumbing , located in Littleton. Wesley Chlopek came out and provided us with a "win-win" for both sides solution to our needs. Along with help from his son Kevin, my son & myself, Wes worked with us. We believe that we saved 50% over the other company. Wes plumbed in a new Rheem tank-less water heater and Ridgid sump pump & basin in the basement. He replaced all the galvanized water pipes with copper, plumbed in bathtub, vanity sinks and more. My son also learned to solder copper tubing & now has some basic plumbing skills, as a bonus. We have since referred Wes to family, friends & co-workers. Thanks for a great job.


Our plumbing needed a face lift. Our main drain was always getting clogged. We needed more hot water and a new floor drain. The water pressure was 118psi. Wes set up our entire plumbing system to work efficiently and his estimate was 40% less than anyone else. There was a lot to do with all underground drain piping, the concrete work and all trim. No more drain clogs and plenty of hot water.


I've know Wes for 6+ years. We met at the Littleton Family YMCA. Back in 2007 I hired Wes to replace a defective outside faucet. He did such a good job that I have since hired him to fix other plumbing issues that have surfaced. In fact, he's my go to guy when it comes to plumbing. He provides high quality work at reasonable rates; he's honest, sincere, a good family man and dedicated to the community. Wes is the neighborhood plumber of choice.


Wes was referred to us in Dec 2010 by a Denver restoration company. We requested his services two more times in 2011 and again just recently for a leaky shower valve. We used other plumbers in the past but Wes does it right the first time. He took detailed photos and ordered the correct parts, no guessing. The Grohe shower valve is like new. He's about 40% less expensive than most plumbers. Wes is my plumber of choice and is recommended by us to anyone.


Wes and I are long time members at the Littleton family YMCA. He services a large number of the Y's family members and his plumbing reputation gets around. Both my daughters have their own homes which required plumbing services. Wes really took care of my girls so now they call him direct for all their plumbing issues. I have and will continue to recommend my plumber of choice. A great and fun guy.


Adams Plumbing was highly recommended by a good friend. Wes responded promptly, came out to our Littleton condo, price was reasonable so I approved and had him replaced the kitchen disposal & water heater. Assisted by his son Kevin, they work quickly and efficiently to save me time and money. I recommend my plumbers of choice as a team to anyone.


I saw the Adams Plumbing truck at a local Home Depot. I asked Wes a few questions about my kitchen garbage disposal and he was very polite. He gave me a business card and we scheduled an appointment. He came out, gave me an upfront price and I approved the service. Wes did a great job replacing my existing garbage disposal. He used a 1/2" auger cable to clear my kitchen drain, installed a ISE compact disposal and added Bio-clean to disinfect the drain. I just added him to my service list professionals and would trust & refer him to others.


Our kitchen sink was draining slow and i smelled sewer odor. The garbage disposal was making noise. Wes presented me with a reasonable estimate and completely rebuilt my kitchen sink drain, cleared my shower drain and a few minor plumbing adjustments. He is very professional. I highly recommend Adams plumbing to anyone. Wes is my plumber of choice and can be yours.



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Adams Plumbing a Local licensed plumber


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