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Colorado ranks as one of the countries highest in Radon levels. As service plumbers, at least 50% of our service time is spent in the customers basement where the radon level is highest. Radon levels differ from home to home but it's important to the health of each homeowner and his family to keep it at a lower safe level.

Floor cracks in your basement foundation, around your floor drain or sump pump doesn't mean you have radon issues. Only a radon test can determine your homes level. For peace of mind, Call Adams plumbing at 720-212-4487 to schedule an appointment.

Are your high radon levels caused by the less expensive (Under $1000.00) plumbing fixture, floor or wall penetrations?, Or the very expensive (At least $1000.00+) foundation movement issues? The more experienced and expensive local Denver radon companies will take better care of your home if you have cracks due to foundation movement. In most cases these experienced companies will hire a licensed plumber to work along with their environmental experts to take care of the radon entering via plumbing pipes. It's not inexpensive.

As mentioned above, Adams Plumbing is a smaller contractor who can better help the homeowners with elevated radon levels entering through mostly old plumbing pipes or fixtures. If needed, we will install similar fan or fans in the same approved professional manner. It's not that expensive! Radon gas enters your home through the tiniest foundation floor and wall crack or penetration.

Because we are plumbers and not radon experts, we can minimize radon by installing an approved wall seal around any pipe penetration. We can do a like for any floor penetration. Radon's main entry into your home can be your rusty old cast iron floor drain. Please DO NOT seal around this drain but seal around it's new plastic replacement floor drain. An old rusty sump pit might also be a favorite entry for radon gas. Even though it's almost impossible to keep this harmful gas completely out, it is important to minimize it. Even though all penetrations are sealed, a final radon test is recommended for both our peace of mind.

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